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POS solution for small and medium-sized companies

The iPad-based solution helps to manage the entire business ecosystem by handling transactions and offering top-notch customer service.

ExtendaGoPos seamlessly integrates a cash register, electronic wallet, and software into a single device. 

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From scratch to success

The journey began in 2016, when ExtendaGo chose us to take their tech development from the internal team. Initially our team was composed of PHP developer, iOS developer and QA engineer. The biggest challenge? We started from scratch, without any knowledge about ExtendaGoPOS products or their business area.  

As time passed, we grew in sync with ExtendaGo ambitions. Over time, our small team of three grew into a group of twelve strong and capable individuals. We became the go-to people for all ExtendaGo tech needs, taking on everything from planning and building systems to providing support and crafting new features.  

There were tough challenges along the way. We had to bring stability to the development process. We faced the tricky task of updating old systems built with outdated technologies. The system also needed to be scalable - ready to grow just as ExtendaGo planned to grow. We tackled all these issues head-on, delivering results and driving progress. 

Driving progress with PHP

A significant part of our work with ExtendaGo revolved around backend development with PHP. One of our key accomplishments was refactoring the legacy Yii framework to the more efficient and robust Symfony framework. This important step ensured that the backbone of ExtendaGo system became more agile and future-ready.

We also worked hard to cover the most critical parts of the system with automated tests, ensuring that each update or addition would not destabilize what we had built.

Furthermore, we implemented advanced monitoring systems that could detect potential problems early, keeping the system running smoothly and reducing downtime. In our commitment to create a robust and efficient infrastructure, we migrated the system to Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) in AWS. This move has made the system far more scalable and has significantly simplified management tasks.  


iOS mobile development advancements

Our work on ExtendaGoPOS mobile development, specifically iOS, is another testament to our team's capabilities. We undertook the task of refactoring the existing system from the legacy Objective C to the modern, more efficient Swift language. This not only made the system more stable, but also allowed us to introduce new device integrations faster and without breaking existing functionality.

The system's stability was maintained, even as we continuously expanded its capabilities. To help ExtendaGoPOS move into new markets, we also added many new features tailored for different sectors such as restaurants and ticket sales. These enhancements have helped make products more versatile and attractive to a wider range of potential customers. 

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