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Artikler om ChatGPT

How we made our first custom GPT agent

At its first-ever DevDay conference, OpenAI unveiled several exciting developments that mark early steps toward more advanced AI agents. OpenAI introduced GPTs, empowering users to craft customized versions of ChatGPT for specific purposes without coding. These GPTs can seamlessly integrate external...

How to use ChatGPT with your own (proprietary) data

ChatGPT is a revolutionary tool, especially the version 4. In this blogpost, I’ll share technical details about how to have an intelligent natural-language conversation with your proprietary information (and by that I mean a very large amount of non-public data, something that far exceeds the limits...

Kaip suprogramuoti ChatGPT plug-in’ą IntelliJ editor’iui


Kaip suprogramuoti ChatGPT plug-in’ą IntelliJ editor’iui

Vėlus vasario vakaras. Laukdami lėktuvo namo, netikėtai užsilaikėme Oslo oro uoste. Šiek tiek atsigaivinome Guinness alumi ir kaip visada pradėjome debatus programavimo temomis. Pokalbis išsirutuliojo į tai, kad ChatGPT yra nuostabus pagalbininkas programuojant, bet įrankiai, deja, vis dar nėra pato...