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We are twoday

The world of technology presents us with a challenge - and we respond by challenging it back. 

The story behind our name

twoday is more than just a name – it's a vibrant identity. This name underscores our profound commitment to working closely with customers, while also signifying our unwavering availability, active presence, and efficient approach. 
The "two" in twoday symbolizes our partnership with customers and the sense of community among employees. It also embodies principles of equality, teamwork, and cooperation. "twoday" encapsulates our drive, presence, availability and the trust we hold to deliver on time. 

twoday - Where tomorrow is made 

Call us techies

That's the best way to describe us and our passion for technology. Based in Lithuania, our team comprises over 160 employees, an impressive 90 percent of whom are dedicated to programming, creating automated tests, and innovating cloud infrastructure solutions.

We're also a part of the international techie community known as twoday, with a team of over 2700 experts from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania. Technology serves as our universal language, as each of us shares a profound passion for it.


Great place to work

Above all, we cherish being ourselves - embracing our unique individuality. At twoday, we not only celebrate our differences but also create an environment where we want to work in. It's informal, empowering us with the freedom in decision-making.

And you know what? We love it.

We're cultivating a culture of shared learning, mutual encouragement and collective success. Within our inclusive community, everyone's voice is valued equally and we stand by one another. We make mistakes together, we learn together and we celebrate victories together. 


Our most popular posts

Subsidy payment system based on Business Central

We’re pleased to announce that we have just signed a contract with the Danish Agriculture Agency for the development of their new subsidy payment system in collaboration with twoday A/S. The project is also known as TUS 3.

Christian Pedersen assumes the position of CEO at twoday 

Today marks Christian Pedersen's first day as the CEO of twoday. Christian Pedersen joins from Tietoevry, where he led Tietoevry Create, the company's global digital engineering, data, and design operation with 10,000 employees. He will now lead twoday across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Li...

Designing OAuth client with Swift Actors

How to ensure thread-safety for an app-wide OAuth client? Have you heard about Actor reentrancy? How to work around it? Let's delve deeper into the world of Swift concurrency.