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Safeguard your digital assets with comprehensive security services from twoday, including risk assessment, penetration testing, and incident response. Our experts tailor solutions to your specific needs, ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber threats. 



Threat Detection and Protection

twoday employs advanced methods for threat detection, focusing on understanding user and system behavior. Our approach ensures efficient response through user training and strategic technology deployment.

Identity and Access Management

Gain meticulous control over identities and administrator access with twoday's Identity Management solution. We help you strike the right balance between security and convenience, fortifying your organization against unauthorized access.

Cloud Security

Secure your journey to the cloud with twoday's Cloud Security service. Our experts, well-versed in Microsoft technologies, ensure airtight security by integrating best practices and meticulous planning.

Endpoint Identification

Ensure a clear picture of all devices in your infrastructure with twoday's Endpoint Identification service. Our methods, using Microsoft technologies, provide ongoing monitoring, documentation, and adjustment for a secure and informed infrastructure.

Security Operations

Evolving through constant attention and adjustments, twoday's SecOps service focuses on people and processes. We help you ask critical security questions, assess available resources, and ensure a holistic approach at all levels of the organization.


twoday's Compliance service identifies applicable standards and regulations, bridging the gap between IT and business functions. Our proven methods, based on Microsoft technologies, include mapping, visualization, analysis, design, reporting, and documentation for airtight compliance.


Endpoint Identification 

Identify and secure all devices in your infrastructure with our mapping, visualization, and reporting methods, using Microsoft technologies. 

Security Operations 

Shift focus from technology to people and processes. Our solution emphasizes continuous prioritization, weakness identification, and issue investigation. 


Meet stakeholder demands and avoid fines with our Compliance solution. We help you identify applicable standards, perform risk analyses, and ensure compliance through configuration, analysis, and documentation. 

Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your ability to handle a potential cyber-attack. 


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Software engineering

Our experienced software engineers work together with clients, crafting tailored solutions that not only meet your unique needs but also elevate your business value. With a focus on modernization and security, we ensure that your solutions remain cutting edge and support evolving requirements.

In addition to our core offerings, we provide comprehensive consulting services to guide businesses in making informed technology decisions. 


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