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Data management solution utilizes automation and tailored approaches

Introducing an agile, scalable, and high-performance data ecosystem – a product of our dynamic partnership with a leading enterprise data warehouse provider. This collaboration brings together breakthrough technology and the proven effectiveness of the Data Vault methodology. 

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Forging a trailblazing alliance

We have formed a dynamic partnership with a leading enterprise data warehouse provider, joining forces to deliver an unparalleled data management solution. With a commitment to the latest technologies and innovation, we present a data warehouse ecosystem that sets new standards for flexibility, scalability, and historical data effectiveness. 

Our approach is grounded in the robust Data Vault methodology, meticulously executed by our enterprise data warehouse partner. This approach not only ensures the seamless integration of diverse data sources but also guarantees adaptability and scalability, setting the stage for effective historical data tracking.

Future-ready with Microsoft Azure and SAP Expertise

Powered by Microsoft Azure technology, our data warehouse solution boasts seamless resource management, scalability, and the ability to stay ahead of emerging technologies. This technological foundation ensures our clients are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. With SAP as the cornerstone of our solution, we've honed our expertise in managing SAP migrations. We've successfully navigated significant transitions, including post-merger integrations and recent shifts to S/4HANA. This experience underscores our ability to tackle complex challenges head-on. 

Our prowess extends beyond SAP as we seamlessly integrate data from various sources, including SharePoint, Dynamics, APIs, and more, on a daily basis. This unified data finds its home in a variety of storage solutions, ranging from flat CSV files to cutting-edge Azure technologies like Blob storage, Data Lake Storage 2, and Azure Synapse tables. Our tailored approach ensures peak performance for every dataset. 
We've developed an in-house tool to streamline operations. This powerful tool manages entity relationships, orchestrates schedules, and automates tasks, leaving room for manual intervention only when necessary. Efficiency and reliability are at the core of its design.

Tailored Automation and Technological Innovation 

Our extensive experience in enterprise data warehouse management has led us to construct a robust and automated framework. This framework can be easily tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer, ensuring that their specific needs are not just met but exceeded. 

At twoday, we're deeply committed to embracing the latest technologies and automating implementations. Our data warehouse solution serves as a prime example of our dedication to innovation. By staying at the forefront of tech trends, we continually enhance our data warehouse building framework, ensuring that our clients are well-equipped for whatever the future holds. 

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