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Reports and analyzes from collected data specific data characteristics

Addressing a customer's crucial need for data-driven insights, Business Analytics Module offers tailored workspaces for financial reporting, procurement, overhead costs and production. We deliver real-time updates from diverse sources via Power BI, backed by robust security measures.  


The objective of this project is clear-cut: to address a crucial business requirement expressed by our customer - the capability to generate reports and conduct analyses based on gathered data. Business Analytics Module is intelligently compartmentalized into distinct workspaces, each finely tuned to match the data's inherent characteristics: 

  • The Financial Reporting model harnesses a comprehensive general ledger dataset. 
  • The Procurement model equips users with tools to dissect spending, On Time Delivery, purchase orders, invoices, supplier performance, and sustainability metrics. 
  • Overhead Cost Reporting provides tools for overseeing cost centers, overhead projects, and other associated expenses. 
  • Production reporting dashboards meticulously scrutinize production performance and costs, encompassing metrics such as Estimated vs. Actual labor hours, Production Order Lead time, Flow %, and Availability. 

As providers, we extend services ranging from preserving existing dashboards to crafting novel ones. Extracting data from 34 diverse sources, including CRMs, internal systems, and files, our solution updates multiple times daily, guaranteeing that users always have the latest data for real-time analysis. Data is presented via Power BI, offering web-based insights and effortless linkage to Excel for spontaneous analyses. Notably, Row Level security configurations empower clients with precise data access management, safeguarding privacy and averting data leaks. 

At inception, we transitioned existing objects and data flows to Azure Synapse Analytics, delivering scalable capacity, consolidated data storage, and elevated security. The seamless integration of Azure Data Factory effortlessly accommodates new data sources with minimal adjustments. Our steadfast adherence to the Data Vault methodology captures data changes, enabling retrospective insights. 

In addition to continuous feature development, we offer Application Management Services (AMS) to streamline bug fixes and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime. The vigilant AMS team consistently monitors daily tasks, proactively resolving errors to prevent future recurrences. 

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