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Azets took the data and computation resources seamlessly to the cloud with AWS

Moving Azets Cozone collaboration platform to the cloud doesn't have to be as difficult as one might think. Even in an industry that is subject to strict regulations, with the right solutions the journey can be simple.
Jun 29, 2023 8:43:24 AM Kristijonas Bulzgis, Software Architect
Azets has just gone through an extensive data migration process, where the task has been to move the Azets Cozone’s platform precious data to the cloud, as well as to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted migration of the databases to AWS. 
Through a close collaboration with twoday, Azets has implemented automation, processes and tools. This makes it possible for the development teams in the organization to migrate their own databases and computation resources to the cloud platform themselves, while all applications function optimally after the migration. 
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Amazon Web Services as cloud provider 

To ensure as seamless a transition as possible during such database migrations, it is crucial to choose the right cloud provider. In Azets cloud strategy, Amazon Web Services has played a central role as the core of the migration. 

Amazon Web Services, often abbreviated to AWS, is a cloud platform that offers a wide range of services and tools for computing, storage and networking. This also includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, serverless functions - and much more. AWS is one of the world's leading cloud platforms and is used by many organizations for benefits such as scalability, innovation and quality of service.

Seamless data migration through automation

The goal of the project has always been that not a single database should prevent the migration to the cloud - a seamless data migration to the cloud where the customers do not notice a thing when the entire digital platform is moved. 

Here, twoday has played an important role by facilitating automation internally in the work processes in Azets. This was done by developing tools and various data services.

Why use Amazon Web Services? 

  • Security 
    AWS offers high security standards and compliance with industry regulations. This is crucial for a financial application that handles sensitive customer information.  

  • Scalability 
    AWS provides the ability to quickly increase or decrease resources according to the needs. This ensures that they can handle traffic increases and offer a responsive and reliable service. 

  • High availability 
    Availability and reliability: AWS offers high availability and reliability through distributed data centers and redundant systems. This helps Azets to ensure that its services are available to its customers without downtime. 

  • Cost savings 
    Azets achieves cost savings by migrating to AWS, eliminating the need for local maintenance and upgrading of physical infrastructure.

  • Innovation 
    With AWS, Azets can take advantage of a wide range of advanced services and tools to develop and implement innovative solutions. This gives them the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness. 

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