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twoday AI Agent reduces workload and facilitates information processing in different fields 

Public Sector

Public Sector

  • Comprehensive information about public sector services provided to residents in an instant. 
  • Immediate assistance in preparing various documents (permits, applications or licenses). 
  • Guidance on critical financial matters (tax declaration, tax incentives or business support). 
Retail Trade

Retail Trade

  • 24/7 responses to frequently asked questions about product and service offerings (product features or availability). 
  • Recommendation of products and services tailored to each customer's individual needs. 
  • Ensuring smooth customer experience across all company channels (phone, email and social media). 
Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

  • Guidance on optimizing company process management through data-driven decision-making. 
  • Assistance with financial documents (reports, invoices or contracts). 
  • Secure and efficient information retrieval from various data sources.

What is the purpose of twoday AI Agent?

Personalized Communication

AI Agent uses existing customer data to create the most accurate recommendations for products and services. AI Agent knows about you and your needs in advance, so it can help you accordingly. AI-powered customer service ensures a seamless and personalized customer experience.

Customer Service Automation

AI Agent replaces expensive and time-consuming chatbots and enables you to answer customer questions in a custom style. The tone of service communication can be easily adjusted according to your desired communication. AI Agent can answer FAQs and more complex questions 24/7.

Multilingual Services

The service helps to process requests and e-mails. letters or other information in a selectable language. AI Agent is able to translate information learned in one language into other languages. Compared to a conventional translator, AI Agent not only translates but also enriches the content.

Guidelines and Training

AI Agent is easily trained in various company guidelines and instructions, thus providing information on relevant issues. For example, an AI Agent can quickly and accurately answer employee questions related to working conditions or payment procedures.

Finance Management

The service automates many tasks related to managing invoices, preparing reports or systematizing financial data. AI Agent significantly facilitates these processes, saving a lot of time and resources that can be used for other important tasks.

Content Creation

AI Agent is capable of creating content based on your input on any topic. This includes service and product descriptions, invitations, articles or newsletters. AI Agent is an indispensable helper when there is a high demand for content creation.

Why twoday AI Agent is so promising?

  • The service is based on the GPT language model, only unlike ChatGPT, AI Agent ensures complete information security and always provides accurate and reliable information tailored to the specific needs of your company. 
  • AI Agent is securely trained to retrieve any information from both internal databases and external sources. The service complies with the GDPR and other data protection regulations and ensures that your company's data will always be protected and handled in accordance with legal requirements. 
  • AI Agent is easy to integrate into any existing system (customer service, case management, e-shops, help desk or CRM/ESP). 
  • The service can easily understand all your company information and quickly process data without any restrictions, regardless of the data source.  

And best of all: AI Agent comes with a ready-to-use environment, so you can use it right away, without months or years of projects. 

Två personer står framför datorskärm


Programa Smart 30

Together with the help of our experts, company employees will quickly master all the advantages provided by AI Agent. After completing the training, employees will be able to independently create and train new agents. 

Installation of the service 9 800 EUR - this amount includes installation of the service, 3 workshops to understand the first use cases, creation of the first agents and administration tool training. *  

Monthly subscription fee 980 EUR/month -this amount includes 1000 conversations. ** 

* Service integrations into the client's environment are performed at an hourly rate.

** Please contact us for a separate quote if you are interested in a larger number of calls.

Order twoday AI Agent now or contact us for more details

With the assistance of an AI Agent, you will be able to save time, effort and money while providing higher-level services to your customers and ensuring an enhanced user experience.